Traffic Advisory

For the guidance of our visiting guests and motorists, please note the following re-routing schemes courtesy of our Baguio City Police Office. Please feel free to share. Thank you.


EFFECTIVE 5:00am of Feb 01, and March 02 & 03, 2019

-The following roads will be closed for the Panagbenga Grand Opening Parade, Grand Street Dance Parade and Float Parade.



From Panagbenga Park, whole stretch of session rd; going down Center Mall Magsaysay to Harrison Road Jose Abadsantos Lake; Drive End- Athletic Bowl.


Also closed fm 5:00AM – Until the activity is over are the following:

  • Teachers Camp-South drive junction to Panagbenga Park. To be used/utilized by the participants of the opening, street dancing & float parade.
  • Fr Carlu loop/street – U-turn at Cathedral (post office loop – two-way traffic going to Leonarwood Rd and going down Gen. Luna – Bonifacio area)
  • Govpack Rd going to Session Rd. – U-turn at Govpack allowed (at the designated u-turn slot)
  • Calderon St going to Session Rd
  • Session Mabini is open to traffic. However, during the parade, upper Mabini will be closed. All vehicles coming from assumption Gen.Luna may take Gen. Luna Magsaysay Rd or upper Gen. Luna Rd.
  • Going down Abanao -juction of lower Shagem –Abanao Rd. All vehicles going down Abanao take lower Shagem St. Selected PUJs with loading area along Kayang may take going down Abanao then turn left at gas station to upper Shagem – Kayang area.


Also closed fm 5:00AM – Until the activity is over are the following:

  • Bayanihan Lake drive area – all vehicles not allowed to enter bayanihan going to km 0 or lake drive during the parade. Only PUJs allowed at Perfecto St. With limited number as agreed during the meeting of PUJs assn and BCPO-TEU
  • Lake drive – Jose Abad Santos St. No entry at the entrance of Kisad-Jose Abad Santos St going to Athletic Bowl or parking area.
  • Y shape or center mall area – no entry going to rice section/towards km-0 before and during the parade. All affected PUJs and private vehicles will take Bonifacio St.
  • All deliveries be done before 5:00am on feb 01, 2019 and march 02 & 03, 2019 to avoid being trap within the CBD area.
  • All vehicles who wish to leave the CBD area before the parade will start may do so but advise not to take the area of the parade route.


February 01 – Panagbenga Grand Opening

March 02 – Grand Street Dancing Parade

March 03 – Grand Float Parade


Control Point: Suello Marcos H-WAY Area: All vehicles bound for La Trinidad/Naguilian-Bokawkan shall advise to take Suello Village. effective 5:00AM – Until the activity is over (Feb.1 Mar. 2 & 3, 2019.)

Control Point: Pacdal & Teachers Camp-South Drive JCT. Area: All vehicles bound for Marcos H-Way may take BCC-Camp John Hay to Loakan- Camp 7 rd or Montecillo Bakakeng Rd. OR General Luna-Bonifacio Street/ M.Roxas Rd – Bokawkan-Naguilian Rd. for La Trinidad take M-Roxas Rd.

Control Point: Slaughter Area: NO VEHICLES ALLOWED TO ENTER Y-Shape Center Mall starting 5:00AM Feb. 01 and Mar. 02 & 03, 2019 until the activity is over.

Control Point: Kennon-Loakan JCT. Area: > All Vehicles bound to la Trinidad take Loakan-Camp John Hay-BCC to Teachers Camp –M. Roxas Road. Vehicles bound to Marcos Highway take Camp 7 Montecillo to Bakakeng Road starting 5:00AM Feb. 24&25 until the Street dancing & Float parade is over.

Control Point: Naguilian Road > All vehicles are not allowed to enter Lower Abanao St and Bayanihan Shanum Street (CBD area starting 5:00AM Feb. 01, and March 02 & 03, 2019) until the activity is over.


No Parking Areas:

  • Strictly no parking along the parade route from Panagbenga Park uppers – lower Session Rd. – Harrison Rd. Jose Abad Santos – Lake Drive.



  • Whole stretch of Leonard wood Rd
  • Whole stretch of Gen. Luna Rd
  • Whole stretch of TM Kalaw 1 & 2 area including Government Center Rd
  • Whole stretch of Kisad Rd
  • Whole stretch of Legarda Rd
  • Harrison Rd
  • Abanao Rd including Abanao extension
  • Shanum St and Carino St
  • Salvoza drive and Bautista drive
  • Yandoc St – Legarda Rd
  • Naguilian Rd fm JCT Bokawkan to 3rd Rd Quezon hill


Recommended Parking Areas

All available pay parking areas

  • Cooyesan pay parking
  • Ganza pay parking area
  • Old library pay parking area
  • Abanao Square
  • Baliwag Abanao pay parking
  • Maharlika pay parking area
  • Center mall pay parking area
  • Mabini Cedar Peak & Joem pay parking
  • SM pay parking
  • UB pay parking

All available school for pay parking areas

  • Baguio City High School
  • Quezon Elem. School
  • Mabini Elem. School

Free parking area

  •  GSIS Compound, DPS Brgy.



  • All PUJ associations affected by the re-routing scheme should be on express system. PUV/Buses with Loading Terminals along/within the affected areas shall temporarily relocate and will be restricted from such streets starting @ 5:00AM until such roads/streets are declared clear.
  • The owners of barren spaces where parking is suitable should be encouraged and subsequently authorized to allow parking with pay for a reasonable amount provided that traffic flow will not be impeded.
  • Two-way traffic scheme will be implemented along Post Office Loop towards Leonard Wood Rd until its Junction with North Drive during the major parades.
  • Buses and Trucks will not be allowed passage after 5:00AM within the CBD and along Kisad Road, Legarda Road and other streets closely intersecting with the streets of CBD.
  • For the TTMD-City Engineering Office to ensure the service of the towing trucks and no unattended vehicle will obstruct the Parade Route or venue. All vehicles parked along the parade route beyond 6:00AM shall be towed.

Motorists are advised to take Tubao-Nangalisan Asin Road/ or Baoang Naguilian Road, expect heavy traffic at Marcos Highway due to volume of vehicles going to Baguio City for the 24th Panagbenga Celebration 2019.

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